Nanopro Immune protein powder

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A quantum leap forward in functional food, nanoproPRP™ provides a scientifically formulated blend of the highest purity whey and colostrum, synergistically fortified with carefully selected nutrients to help support tissue repair, optimize endogenous antioxidant status, promote detoxification, and support immune function.

• Certified undenatured whey protein isolate

• Whole colostrum* from the first and second milking,
using Bio-Chill™ technology

• Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRP)*, colostrum’s most
powerful immune and repair factors

• Reduced L-glutathione, our bodies’ most important
antioxidant and detoxifier

• L-selenomethionine, nature’s most powerful antioxidant
trace mineral

• Soluble Fiber and Prebiotic

• SuperSorb® Enhanced Delivery Systems to help maximize

*Derived from herds not given growth hormones,
hyper-immunizations, and routine antibiotics.