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Our cells are bathed in mineral-rich fluids that help regulate the transport of nutrients and waste products to and from every tissue and organ of the body. But hectic modern life often depletes these minerals — disrupting our “inner ocean” and compromising cellular function. Re-mineralization through seawater works to replenish this vast internal biological terrain.

Quinton® Hypertonic and Isotonic — our seawater liquid mineral supplements — are harvested from pure, protected plankton blooms. While biologist René Quinton discovered the wild mineral repository in France more than a century ago, today we drink this transformative ocean find to support our body and mind.


When I went in to meet with Leah at Ôptim my main concerns were acne and irregular menstrual cycles... [Leah] suggested some supplements that I am LOVING. Not only did she give me the supplements to try, but also suggested physical things to do in order to better get to know my body and balance out the crazy things it was doing.

I have now been using the products suggested by Leah for about a month and I am so very happy with the progress I am seeing. My acne is almost all cleared up (other than some mask-ne that will go away once this pandemic is over, I hope). My mood feels much more stable and predictable. I have more consistent energy.

Miranda A.